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Partial Mash Instructions

Partial mash instructions (dirty & easy)

These are not the best instructions for mashing. A mash-tun, wort chiller, & big brew pot will do a better job, but these instructions will do the job and give you a chance to do partial mashes without any extra equipment. The brewing times are lengthened, but the outcome is worth it. I love my oatmeal stout! there are three types of mashes:
1- Infusion mash-hitting a specific temperature and holding it there until starch conversion.
2-step mash- bring the mash to 2 or 3 temperatures for specific times and holding it there until conversion.
3-decoction mash-similar to step mashing except that the step temperatures are reached by pulling the thickest part of the mash out and boiling it to increase the temperature of the mash to the next step temperature.

Ours will be an infusion mash in which we will reach a strike temperature. Bring the water to 175 F, starting with the grains that don’t have enzymes. Stir them into the water one by one until they have made a thick porridge with no dry spots. the temperature should stabilize at about 155 to 160 F. Check the temperature.Wort ( mixture) to cold add boiling water, if to hot add cold water. Let sit for an hour, then bring 1 & 1/2 gallons of water to 170 F. stir into the grains. Now you have your dilute solution of grains to stain from the tea. Do not squeeze the grains. Add this water with your malt extract and everything else to your boiling pot and proceed with the boil. There is no sparge so we do not have a filter bed set; also we will not get as much of the goodness out of the grains, but we do not need any extra equipment.

*1 & 1/4 quarts of water per pound of grain bring to 175 f
*Add grains starting with no enzyme grains first check strike temperature-adjust if needed. let it sit for 1 hour.
*bring 1 & 1/2 gallons of water to 170 F-stir into the grain.
*Strain grain out and proceed with boil.