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House Recipes

All recipes are made to be adapted to your particular taste. The amount of bitterness can be adjusted using HBU or other methods. You can change the alcohol content by adding or subtracting the sugar (Malt Extract). Hop flavor or aroma can be changed by more or less hops at the end of boil & dry hop in the secondary fermenter at rack. Body or mouth feel can be adjusted by going to a lighter colored or less malt(for less body) or refined sugar, and can be increased by adding malto dextrin, darker malt, flavor grains, or more malt extract . Body and flavor can be changed with different yeast also. Gypsum can help extract bitterness, & help the clarity, but isn't as important for extract brewers as it is all for grain brewers(adjusts ph also). For a 5 gallon batch an approximation of alcohol content(your hydrometer is more accurate) is to take the total pounds of all sugar (malt extract, honey, dextrose or what ever) and subtract 2(6 pounds of malt minus 2=4%, or 9 pounds of malt minus 2=7% alcohol by volume).

2 or 3 bags Amber malt extract
2 1b 60 L Crys-tal malt
7 to 12 HBU boiling hops, BITTERING 60 minutes
l tsp. Irish Moss last 15 to 20 min.
1 oz Chinook(FLAVORING) 2 min. from end of boil
1 oz. Chinook(AROMA) dry at Rack(after primary)
A good dry ale yeast, 1098 Wyeast, WLP007 or ANY YEAST YOU WANT.

2 or 3 bags Amber malt extract
1 lb. 60 L crystal malt
1 lb. Special B malt
1 lb. brown malt
7 to 12 HBU(BITTERING) boiling 60 min.
1 tsp. Irish Moss last 15 TO 20 min.
1 oz. English pellet hops(FLAVOR) 2 min. from end of boil
1 oz. English(AROMA) pellets dry at Rack OR ANY HOPS YOU WANT—
A good dry ale yeast, 1968 Wyeast, WLP002 or YOU DECIDE.

2-bags wheat malt extract
5 to 7 HBU boiling(BITTERING) 60 min. Traditional wheat's have little or no finishing hop, but if you want to add them, do so.
1 tsp. Irish Moss last 15 to 20 min.
A good dry ale yeast, 3068 Wyeast or WLP320 or YOUR CHOICE.

2 to 3 Bags of any color malt extract
1 lb. chocolate malt
1 lb. black patent malt
1 lb. roasted barley
1 lb. crystal malt any color
10 to 30 HBU bittering(boil for 60 min.) hops
1 tsp. Irish Moss last 15 min.
Stouts traditionally don't have finishing hops, but I like them. If you want, add them at end of boil, & dry, I do!
A good dry ale yeast, 1084 Wyeast,WLP004, OR ANY YEAST.
A partial mash of flaked oats and flaked barley also is very helpful we can show you or see our partial mash instructions below

2 to 3 bags Alexander’s Light malt
7 to 10 HBU 60 min. boil
2 1b toasted 2 row malt(10 min. at 350 degrees) or leave it out
1 oz Cascade end Boil
1 oz Cascade dry at rack
1 tsp. Irish Moss last15 to 20 minutes
A good dry ale yeast or 1056 Wyeast or WLP001

2 to 3 bags Amber malt
8 to 15 HBU 60 min. boil
1/4 lb. Black Patent malt
1/4 LB Chocolate malt
1 lb. 60 L Crystal malt
1 tsp. Irish Moss last 15 to 20 minutes
1 oz Cascade end of boil
1 oz Cascade dry hop
A good dry ale yeast, 1084 Wyeast, WLP005, OR choose one